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New Patient Intake Forms

For your convenience, we've made these new patient forms available for online submissions. This will save you time as you arrive for your first appointment, getting you seen quickly by skipping on-site-paperwork.

Please consider submitting your form(s) prior to arriving for your first appointment. Thank you!

Please consider submitting your form(s) prior to arriving for your first appointment. You can find the appropriate forms located on our clinic site location pages. Thank you!

Insurances We Accept

This list includes major networks and does not constitute the only payers we accept. Please contact our clinic if your insurance is not listed.


Cigna / ASH

United Healthcare 

Blue Shield 

Prime Health Services 


  • Aetna 
  • Allied Benefits 
  • Ameriben 
  • Assurant Health 
  • Boon- Chapman 
  • Chesterfield 
  • Ndecs 
  • edsave USA 
  • Nippon Life 
  • EMBS 
  • GEHA 
  • Harrington Health 
  • Indecs 
  • Medsave USA 
  • Nippon Life 
  • Trust Mar Companies 
  • Health Smart 


  • Corvel Corp
  • Corvel Auto Liability
  • Nexus ACO NR
  • Nexus ACO R
  • Rockport
  • Stratose
  • Techhealth
  • UHC- Charter
  • UHC- Compass
  • UHC- Navigate
  • UHC in CA
  • Medicare Solutions
  • Signature Value
  • Universal Smart Compass


Brand New Day/ Universal Care 

Community Care IPA 

Fireman's Fund Insurance 

Golden Physicians Group 

Health Now 

Imperial Health Holdings 

Molina Healthcare 

CHG (Community Health Group) 

Blue Shield Promise Health 

Primary Care Associates 

Regal Medical Group 


  • Aetna 
  • Anthem BC/ Cal.  Commercial 
  • Anthem BC/ Cal/ Senior 
  • Blue Shield Commercial 
  • Blue Shield Senior 
  • Cigna Commercial 
  • Health Net Commercial 
  • Health Net Seniority Plus 
  • Humana Senior 
  • UHC Commercial 

Workers Compensation

One Call 


Department of Labor 



Premier Comp Solutions 

Government Payers





Personal injury liens accepted/ Commercial payers are PPO only unless otherwise noted.

We offer self pay rates for non insured patients.

Insurance Definitions

DEDUCTIBLE Your policy's deductible is a dollar amount that you are required to pay out of pocket before your insurance benefits start to apply.

Insurance Terminology

CO-INSURANCE Your co-insurance is a percentage that represents your share of the financial responsibility for each claim's allowed amount after your deductible is met. Because it is a percentage of the claim's allowed amount, the amount can vary based on the service.

COPAY Your copay is a set dollar amount that represents your financial responsibility for a claim and usually does not fluctuate regardless of a claim's allowed amount.

OUT OF POCKET MAXIMUM This amount represents the maximum dollar amount that you are personally responsible for within your policy year. Once this amount is met (for most policies), your insurance generally covers 100% of services until your next policy year.

COORDINATION OF BENEFITS To ensure accurate claim processing, it is your responsibility to ensure that any/all active insurance policies are aware of each other.

POLICY YEAR Your benefit coverage has a term in which your benefits apply. A calendar year policy resets every January 1st. A benefit-year policy resets on the same date that your policy became active.

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