“Did you take a weekend course to become a Physical Therapist”

I am often asked “do you have a certificate to practice physical therapy?” or “did you have to take a weekend course to do this?” I can’t help but chuckle and remind the patient that they are in good hands and in fact, most licensed Physical Therapists now hold a doctorate degree. To be clear, the profession has evolved over the years and at one time a bachelor’s degree was the norm. Next came a master’s degree and currently most accredited universities offer a doctorate degree. A Physical Therapist now completes roughly 7 years of education. All Physical Therapists complete a rigorous doctoral program and are equipped to begin to treat patients. However, Physical Therapists vary in their skill sets, post doctorate educational levels and certifications as well as experience. We highly recommend you seek a licensed Physical Therapist that performs hands on, manual physical therapy and holds a Board Certification or regularly participates in continuing education. Do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask about your therapist prior to your evaluation. Like any profession, therapist vary greatly in their experience, techniques, skill level and of course personality. Find a therapist that you connect well with and most importantly feel comfortable with. It may help to ask to have a brief phone conversation with your potential therapist to get an idea if he or she is the right fit for you. At PPPT, we will gladly jump on a phone call with any potential new patient. We feel it’s also important on our end to assure the patient that their condition, or complaint is something we can handle. We understand that physical therapy may not only be a financial commitment, but also a time commitment and it is important that the patient understand the value of what they will be receiving prior to committing.