COVID-19: Taking action to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

They say that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. As a result, many of us have had to social distance and take additional steps to ensure our safety. Now it is our turn to help lift you up by doing what needs to be done for you to get the care you need, with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Peace of Mind Program:

Ensuring that you can get the care you need while remaining in optimum health is our primary concern. All our PPPT staff have been professionally trained on our industry’s highest standards of post-pandemic patient care. Here are just a few of the steps from our program.

Wait in safely and comfortably, with options

You now have the flexibility of waiting wherever you like for your appointment outside the office, and you will be sent a text message 10 minutes prior to you needing to walk in the office for care. You and one other caregiver will be provided a safe space in our waiting room that follows social distancing guidelines.

Special accommodations for more vulnerable patients

Please let us know if you are over 60, an expecting mother, or have an underlying medical condition and we will do everything we can to make a special accommodation for you. We will do our best to minimize your encounters with anyone other than our staff. 

Safeguarding your health – from start to finish

As healthcare professionals, we are actively seeking to operate to and beyond the standards as set forth by the CDC and OSHA, for your safety.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  1. At check in, all patients will be asked to use hand sanitizer or to wear gloves
  2. Face masks will be required for all staff and patients while in the office
  3. Our front desk professionals will greet you with non-contact means for takingyour temperature upon entry.
  1. Our clinical staff may be take additional precautions, such as:
    • gloves
    • non-toxic wipe-downs of equipment before and after use
    • social distancing when appropriate
    • every patient will be evaluated for their appropriateness of telehealth visits

Cleanliness and sanitation protocols that surpass expectations


You can never be too prepared, and it’s likely you can never have your environment too clean – but that is our goal! By obtaining newer, healthier cleaning products that have been proven effective on all viruses and germs, we are at the forefront of cleanliness. We want to assure every patient not only that we are completing a deep cleaning daily upon opening and/or closing, but we are also sanitizing and disinfecting our space and equipment between each patient visit.

Here are some very special prep tips, just for you:

  1. Schedule and keep all your appointments, as they are hard to get as we fill up faster now and with fewer patient slots available.
  1. Please come directly from the safety of your home environment to your appointment so as not to come in contact with any new people along the way.
  1. Please come with just one caregiver to help us maintain the social distancing we need in our waiting room.
  1. Please don’t forget that wearing a face mask or facial covering such as a bandana or homemade covering is required upon entry.
  2. Please don’t forget your cell phone so you can call or text us when you have arrived so that we can best communicate with you via mobile device, to save you time.


Thank you from all of us, we value every person and their rights to a safe and healthy patient care environment. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns or visit our website. 

Chula Vista office: 619-482-3000

Imperial Beach Office: 619-332-4200

By Todd Sparks PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS